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List of illusions for sale
Some original illusions invented/designed by Frederic Clement
Some classics redesigned to today's taste


IMPORTANT: Some YouTube videos may not work on all cell phones and tablets, due to mobile application's limits. To watch all videos without any restrictions, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer.


The Flying Box has taken new hights



Video of performance by Frederic Clement in 2019 :





Flying Box Illusion

Adapted by Frederic Clement


Make a box levitate with a girl floating inside.

  • Specially adapted to make the box float higher!
  • Very good angles range.
  • The box is very rigid for better maniability.


Conditions :

Brand new.


Price: $1,500

Please contact us at for details.

Video link :






An old time classic revisited for today's standards !


Video performance by Frederic Clement in 2019 :



Mismade Lady Revisited


Built by Magic of Ian Quick
Adapted & redesigned by Frederic Clement


Better version on the market today !


Cut a lady into 4 parts, mix the boxes and rebuild her in the wrong order !


  • Every body part is moving, not only the head part like in older versions !
  • Only one girl is used !
  • Everything is included, even the costumes & cases !


Conditions :

Used but freshly repainted. Looks great on stage !


Price: $1,950

Please contact us at for details.

Video link :




World's cleanest Houdini's Metamorphosis
(sub trunk) now in smaller format!




Frederic Clement's  Metamorphosis with clear box & bag, version 2019

Partially built & designed by Magic of Ian Quick based on Frederic Clement's original Metamorphosis 2002
Redesigned & readapted by Frederic Clement


No black art, no trapdoors, no mirrors!

Performer and assistant change places in the most impossible way !


  • Trunk and bag are fully transparent !
  • All the props are extremely simple : no phony looking parts !
  • Very clever method : even fools magicians !
  • All the props included !


Conditions :

Used but in good working conditions.

Also possible to build a new one to your specifications.


Price: $2,995

Please contact us at for details.

Video link :






The best levitation for traveling illusionist !




Video performance by Frederic Clement in 2019 :



Higher Levitation

Adapted & redesigned by Frederic Clement


One of the most beautiful and most impressive levitations available on the market !


  • No harness !
  • Girl flies very high, over performer's shoulders !
  • Can be performed very close to the audience and the angles are very good.
  • No huge table used. Just a flat little stage on wheels that can be dismantled in three parts.
  • Each part measures about 20 X 40 X 10 inches and can be transported individually on its own wheels.
  • Each part of the stage is a case that can be opened to store wires, remote and other props necessary for the illusion.
  • Comes with a solid metal hoop that can be given to the spectators for examination before and after the effect !
  • All the necessary props are included, even the costume !


Conditions :

Used but in excellent working conditions.


Price: $3,500

Please contact us at for details.

Video link :





Keep the audience to the edge of their seat with this new kind of escape illusion !




Video performance by Frederic Clement in 2019 :





Built and designed by Chris Pilsworth

Redesigned and adapted by Frederic Clement

Death Blades Escape


Escape from chains and handcuffs, locked in a trunk, before 3 giant metal blades drop through the trunk !

The final part will surprise them all and you will have the perfect finish for a garanteed standup !


  • Two ways to perform it : directly on the floor on the wheeled base or on an elevated platform, 4 feet above the ground ! (Equipment supplied for both methods.)
  • Everything included, even the giant timer, handcuffs, chains and padlocks.
  • Can be performed surrounded.
  • No black art.
  • Perfectly safe if performed as per instructions.


Conditions :

Used but in excellent working conditions.


Price: Please contact us at for pricing.

Video link :







A unique effect in the world of illusions

The perfect stunt for a TV Special or for your live show!






Frederic Clement's
Piranhas Fish Tank Escape


Piranhas illusion created & designed by Frederic Clement

Torture cell designed and built by Lawrence Larouche.

Special thanks to Patrick Kuffs.


The plot is inspired by the movie Now You See Me but the effect and methodology are completely different.

Escape from a locked and chained water tank before piranhas drop in it with you!

  • You can use as many piranhas as you wish or any similar fishes
  • Keeps the audience at the edge of their seats from beginning to end!
  • Ends up with an unexpected and spectacular scenario!
  • The water tank is checked by a spectator
  • You can use a strait jacket (supplied) or just handkuffs, as you prefer
  • Do not use any projector, only a normal stage light for shadow effect
  • No trapdoors, no black art
  • Complete with all needed props  & accessories
  • Can be disassembled for transportation
  • Heavy Duty construction & wheels

To receive a video link to watch the illusion...

Please contact us at

(Serious potential buyers only)


Used for one season only.

Building plans and performing rights also available (with different torture cell) for copyrights reasons).


Regular Price:  $9,999

Now 70% off:

$ 2,995 USD

For a limited time

(all props & coaching included)


Please contact us for details at :





Rainbow Lady

Exclusive illusion invented by Frederic Clement and built by Magic Makers (Gerry Frenette)

Cut a lady into 7 pieces with moving hands, feet and face visible.

  • Fools everyone, including magicians!
  • Can be performed completely surrounded!
  • Everything included

Conditions :

Brand new.

Will be made to your style and expectations.


Price: Please contact us at for a quote

Video link : 

Contact us at


Available now !













Soul Portrait

Exclusive illusion invented by Frederic Clement


The nicest & cleanest version of the picture that comes to life

  • A method never used before for changing an image into a real person!
  • Very clever and subtil. Almost impossible for anybody to guess the method.
  • The girl appear and disappear on a little see-through tabouret, making it absolutely impossible for the girl to arrive or escape with the thick base principle.
  • This portrait is drawn by hand so it is a true piece of art.
  • You can use any woman with brown hair without changing the picture.
  • If wanted, it is easy to change only the face of the girl for under $50.
  • A very romantic and emotional number.

You look at a nice painting of a woman. After revolving the frame to show that the picture is flat and that nothing is hidden behind, you place a little see-through stool in front of the picture. You then lift a little pink sheet to hide only the centre of the picture for a second and immediately drop it down. Magically, the girl is now alive, in front of the picture and she moves out of the picture frame. The picture is now clean, with no image of her on it. At the end of the routine, the girl goes back to the picture, wrapping the sheet around her. The illusionist pulls on the sheet and the lady is gone and reappeared on the picture.


Good working condition.

Original value: 


Now 70% off:

$ 2,995 USD

For a limited time

Video link:


Building plans and performing rights also available if you prefer to build it yourself.

Contact us at








Available now !







Toy car appearance

Exclusive illusion invented by Frederic Clement


The ideal illusion to make the vanished kid from the audience reappear!

The curtain raise to show a camping tent on an elevated platform. You can clearly see underneath the platform : everything is clean and empty all around and under.

A wall is even constructed in front of the audience to prove that nothing can come or go.

The tent is lifted from the platform and put on the floor of the stage. The front door of it is unzipped to show an empty interior.

The tent is now placed again on the empty platform and the wall is dropped to the floor.

The performer walks all around the tent to show once again that there is nothing.

The tent is lifted and WOW! A large size toy car has appeared on top of the platform.

And the best part is that the kid don't know how this was done!

The perfect illusion for any familly shows !


Conditions :

Good working conditions

Now 50% off:

$ 2,500 USD

For a limited time

Original value:

$ 5,000

Special price :

$ 2,500 (Without the base : use any 4 X 8 platform or perform it directly on the floor.)


Video link :
(Watch the second part of the video to see this illusion)


Building plans and performing rights also available if you prefer to build it yourself.

Contact us at


Available now !









 Transformation of two male assistants into two female assistants


Created & designed by Frederic Clement


The illusion starts with two men dressed in construction outfits.  The illusionist enters the stage. He then ask the two guys to come and help him, but they do not care and start reading their newspapers. The illusionist grabs the two newspapers and pulls them off the hands of the two men. Instantly, they have changed into two women.

Be unique! Do what has never been done this way!


Original value:

$ 4,999

Now 70% off:

$ 1,500 USD

For a limited time


Video link:


Building plans and performing rights also available if you prefer to build it yourself.

Contact us for pricing at





Available now !





Girl on grill

Exclusive illusion invented by Frederic Clement

Excellent working conditions


Original Value

$ 7,500

Now 60% off:

$ 2,995 USD

For a limited time

Video link:


Building plans and performing rights also available if you prefer to build it yourself.

Contact us at


Available now !




One girl vanish and the illusionist appears

A girl is tied up to a giant grill by another girl. A spandex sheet is lowered in front of the tied girl. You still see the shape of the girl in the sheet and you see her moving her hands and arms to escape from the grill.

Instantly, the sheet is thrown off by the illusionist: he has appeared in place of the girl, in front of the grill, and she is completely gone.

Use a ultra-thin 1 inch table.) I designed this illusion to be as impressive as possible, even in smaller venues, where people could think that someone could hide in the background. With the grill idea, it proves that nothing is coming from the back wall. (And it’s really not! In fact, you can perform it right in the middle of the stage, far from any backdrop.)

The perfect opener for your show but can be performed anytime during your show.

Built of solid real walnut wood and stainless steel bars.






From Hell to Heaven

Includes some classics and some exclusive illusions invented & performed by Frederic Clement


25 illusions in 15 minutes
using only 3 illusion props.


  • The perfect way to end a show!
  • The audience have the impression of seeing a full show in 15 minutes.
  • Probably the most intense illusion routine ever with the minimum of props!
  • Fills the whole stage with lots of drama & colorful costumes.
  • Everything included (even costumes) exept Interlude.


Conditions :

Excellent working conditions.


Contact us for pricing.

Video link :

Contact us at








Available now !





(Please contact us at for more details)


Assistant's Revenge
(heavy-Duty version)

Original Value :

$ 5,500

Now 50% off:

$ 2,750 USD

This week only

Building plans and performing rights also available if you prefer to build it yourself.






Deceptive steps for Bô Staff or any other illusion

Can hide any person of up to 6'2"

Conditions: Used but functional

Original Value

$ 600

Now 50% off:

$ 299 USD

This week only


Contact us at for more details.















List of original illusion
concepts for sale

Never before seen illusions created by Frederic Clement

Buy the rights to build and to perform them or we can build them for you.

Please contact us at for more info



Exclusive motorcycle appearance

Designed by Frederic Clement to combine two classic concepts of illusion : The Shadow Box & The Tilt-Over-Box


Please note : The effect is similar to Copperfield but the method is completely different. With Bill Smith's permission.

Make a full size motorcycle (or any large object) appear cleanly, in full light!

  • No black art
  • No special background
  • Very good angles compared to other versions.
  • Nothing coming from backstage
  • Completely self-contained
  • Box & table can be disassembled for easy transportation
  • Heavy Duty construction & wheels
  • No counterweights or braces to attach on the floor
  • Can also be used to make any other large object or group of people appear! Make a whole rock band or musical orchestra appear in it. Or use it to make any furniture or large products appear for your sponsor. It is only limited by your imagination!

Two assistants spin a framed box with white fabric panels to show it from all sides. The box is set on an elevated platform.

It is then tilted toward the audience and opened to be shown completely empty. Assistants can even pass light bulbs all around and behind the box to prove that it is completely empty.

The box is closed and instantly, the assistants tear off the fablic panel to reaveal the appearance of the illusionist on a full size motorcycle.


Video link : 


Building plans and performing rights available or we can build it for you.

Contact us at : 













Death Bed


Created by Frederic Clement

Only performed by Frederic Clement and Hans Klok.


"Wow! Very cool and different"  
- Gerry Frenette, Magic Makers

Watch it here:





Building & performing rights available at




Exclusive  Transformation over a bed of nails


Created & designed by Frederic Clement

Only owned and performed by Frederic Clement, Hans Klok and Cosentino


Building & performing rights available at


Video link :

 (toward the end of the video)


A never before seen effect.

A man lies down on a short bed of nails placed on two stacks of cement blocks. You can even brake another cement block on the stomach of the person lying on the nails with a sledgehammer. The person is then covered with a cloth. Now, the person starts to float underneath the cloth. It goes up for about 4 feet and back down. The man is uncovered and, big surprise, he has changed into a woman. »

Lots of presentation possibilities.

Frederic Clement used to reappear in the costume of one of the two stage hands. 


Building plans and performing rights available at





Exclusive version of see-trough Lady Cut in Halves

Performed by Frederic Clement and Hans Klok

"The best version of the classic effect I found after many years of research for the perfect Sawing In Half Illusion."  - Hans Klok


Building & performing rights available at




Probably the best version of the Sawing Lady ever seen!

A never seen before version of the lady cut in half with real feet and transparent boxes (even without plexi-glass for a better view).

A spectator can even come on stage and examine the feet. A must see!


Video link:






The fifth dimension doors


Created & designed by Frederic Clement

Performed by Frederic Clement


Building & performing rights available at


Video link :


The perfect quick illusion
to begin your show after your magical appearance!

A triangle cabinet is spun around and then all the doors are open to show it completely empty.

Performer closes doors for a short moment and when he opens them, a weird creature comes out of it and crawl to the front of the stage.

The performer then steps into the cabinet and closes the doors around him.

The doors open and the performer has changed into a woman.

She goes toward the crawled creature at the front of the stage and instantly... it changes into the performer.






Motorcycle through body illusion


Created & designed by Frederic Clement


Building & performing rights available at


Video link :




The perfect stunt to make your show becomes a live movie!

The performed is tied up, arms and legs apart, in a framed cabinet. Paper frames are closed at the front and at the back of him.

A girl driving a motorcycle run right trough the frame. Until the last second, you see the shadow of the performer still in place.

Instantly, the girl appear tied up in the frame and the performer is now on the motorcycle!

Can you imagine a better ending for the first part of your show?






Teleportation X (Original version from 1995)

An original illusion created & designed by Frederic Clement



Another version of this illusion using a gigantic automated teleportation machine.

One of the best illusions ever performed by Frederic Clement!

The effect is similar to the previous Teleportation X but it looks even more
futuristic and high tech.

Watch the following video. It worth it!

Video link :


Building plans and performing rights available at





Triple phase walking through fan

Exclusive illusion invented by Frederic clement

The best walking through fan ever!

Walk through a huge 8 feet tall industrial fan in 3 different ways!

A large industrial fan sits on an elevetad platform. The audience feels the wind coming toward them.

Phase one:

After a nice choreography performed in the wind, in front of the fan, the performer goes behind the fan. Two assistants lift up a small scarf in front of the middle of the fan. The audience can still see all around that the fan blades are still spinning. Through the scarf, you can clearly see the shape of the hands of the performer pushing forward, through the fan. Immediately, the assistants drop the scard and the performer is still behind the fan.

Phase 2 :

The platform is turned 180 degres so the audience can see behind the fan. The assistants tie the performer to the back of the fan using cuffs on chains. The platform is turned 180 degrees again so the performer is at the back of the fan. A framed fabric panel is put to the front of the fan and a baklight is lit so we can see the full silhouette of the performer, still tied to the fan. Yout then see the performer escaping from the cuffs. He then pushes his hands, face and feet throught the fan. You can even see his shape coming through the fabric. Instantly, the fabric piece drops and the illusionist is now standing in front of the fan.

Phase 3 :

The performer is tied again to the back of the fan. The fabric cover is raised again in front of it and the backlight comes on again. Again, you see him push through the fan but suddenly, something goes wrong! The performed got stucked into the blades and instantly, you see him vanish completely. The sheet is droped and you can see that he his complety gone. Bang. Pouf! He reappears at the back of the theatre!

Please consider the following advantages :

·  Three effects with one prop. A full routine of illusions to conclude any large illusion show.

·  Use the same thin base than my Motorcycle Appearance Illusion. Only 1 ½ inch thick. You can change the motorcycle for the fan during the intermission so you save space on stage and in your truck.

·  Very powerful and heavy duty industrial fan.

·  Only 3 months of use so you can consider it brand new. Comes with 3 years 100% warranty on motor, gearbox & controller components and lifetime warranty on hub and airfoils.

·  Perfectly safe.

·  No thick base principal used. No black art. No deceptive steps.

·  Can be performed far away from any curtains or stage props, in full light. Can even be performed outside.

·  Very good angles. Can be performed on 180 degrees with no problem.

·  You don’t only see the shadow coming through the fan but you actually see the hands, head and feet pushing through the fabric until the last second.

The perfect finale to any large illusion show!


Video link:


Building plans and performing rights available at


Please contact us for more info:

Contact us at




Video link:






Half & Half illusion

Exclusive illusion invented by Frederic clement based on different principles combined into one miracle.

A never seen before version of the performer cut in half!

The legs are walking by themselves and the upper body part is lifted by an assistant. You must see it to beleive it!

  • Two illusions in one!
  • Comes with everything needed to perform the illusion, including costumes.

So unbelievable that people will think they are watching a science fiction movie!


Building plans and performing rights only: $ 999


Video link :

(Watch the middle part of the video to see this illusion)


Building plans and performing rights available at









Exclusive illusion invented by Frederic Clement


Two girls vanish in a cage and the illusionist appears on top of the cage.

Excellent opener but can be used anytime in the show.

2 girls enter into a cage and a sheet is placed on the cage. The sheet goes up: the 2 girls are gone in the cage and the illusionist has appeared on top of the cage.

  • Can also be used to make one guy or two girls appear or disappear.

  • Endless possibilities.


Building plans and performing rights only: $ 500


Video link :

(Watch this wondeful and original  illusion routine)




Building plans and performing rights available at






Teleportation X (version 2013)

An original illusion created by Frederic Clement


Teleport yourself at the speed of light!

On an elevated platform, the performed is attached to the front of a grill. His girl-assistants walks to the other side of the platform and she throws a sheet in front of her. Instantly, the performer appears and the girl reappears in front of the grill.


  • The grill makes the escape impossible.
  • You can see the shape of the performer's body in front of the grill at all time.
  • You can have lights shining through the platform to show it empty.
  • The platform is entirely disassemblable.



Video link :


Building plans and performing rights available at


We also carry the grill and other props necessary for this effect. Please contact us for details.







< >






Magic consultant & illusion designer services



Frederic Clement is available as a magic consultant and illusion designer to help you upgrade your illusions and your show in general with great ideas.

Frederic Clement specializes in creating new principles and in reinventing the classic illusions to make them totally impossible.

He has reinvented great classics as Houdini's Metamorphosis (with clear box & bag), Sawing in Half (with clear boxes and real feet), The Impossible Dove Pan (with a ultra thin, half-an-inch cover), The Artist Dream done in impossible conditions, the Motorcycle Through Body, The Death Bed, Levitation and Transformation over a Bed of Nails, The Teleportation X and many many more.

He is also a show writer, producer & stage director so he can help you with most aspects of your show.

Make your show stand out of the lot by hiring Frederic Clement for your show.


For more info, please contact us at: 





About the illusion creator & builder

Frederic Clement has been in show business for the last 28 years. After 5 years of stage magic, he decided to focus on large scale illusion shows. Working in solo, without any contact with other performers of his branch, he had to develop his own methods and effects to impress his audiences. By doing so, he created many new illusion principles that have never been used in the past by any other illusionist. Some of his greatest inventions are:


·         Metamorphosis 2002 : World fastest sub trunk ever with a clear box and bag

·         Rainbow Lady (a brand new way to cut a lady into pieces)

·        Death bed :  a dropping spikes effect with no cover, combined with an impossible vanish and reappearance

·         Motorcycle Appearance (new self-contained method)

·         Levitation over Bed of Nails

·         Pirhana's Fish Tank Escape

·         Teleportation X : a transposition effect at the speed of light

·         Better Half Operation : a clear sawing effect using reel feet and a 360 vision

·         Soul portrait : a new exclusive method and effect for the old classic Artist Dream.

·         And many many more... (See all through this page)


Now, Clement releases his greatest methods and secrets to the magic community so if you want to perform different effects with different methods, you know who to reach.





Contact us for more info:



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